Meet Lashbrook

Lashbrook was founded in 2000 by Eric Laker and is headquartered in Utah. The name is in honor of Eric’s grandfather, and embodies the fearless, pioneer spirits of their ancestors who made the move to Utah generations ago. This helped designers at Lashbrook to imagine materials beyond preconceived wedding band limitations and create collections that are stunningly different. They now have tens of thousands of men’s wedding bands and options that help describe exactly who you are.
Bryan visited Robert Goodman Jewelers for the first time in August 2010.  Up to that point Lashbrook had done some individual custom jobs for Robert Goodman.  Once Bryan saw the unique appeal of the store and was able to meet Bob and Rose-Marie, he knew this would be a great partnership.  They continue to expand their Lashbrook selection and are always inspiring their customers with cool and unique wedding bands.


Tell a little about yourself

While working in the retail industry I sensed a distinct lack of options for men’s jewelry. I started making rings in my garage in 2000, and we have now progressed to tens of thousands of style variations produced from scratch in our state-of-the-art facility. I enjoyed experimenting with different alternative metals starting with Titanium. We have now expanded to include Carbon Fiber, Damascus steel, and Mokume Gane to name a few. I wanted to give men not only more options, but extraordinary rings that they could customize to their unique taste.

Why did you become a designer?

I wanted to not only provide more options for men’s jewelry, but I wanted to create and customize rings to the customers’ exact specifications.  We love it when our jewelers and their customers inspire us with their own ideas.

What influences your collection and style?

I enjoy our ever expanding potential when it comes to jewelry making and designing. It is a never ending creative process.

How do you hope your collection affects others?

We hope to provide our customers and clients with the greatest value as well as pieces that are uniquely meaningful to them.