Meet Pyrrha

Pyrrha began with a husband and wife team who became inspired by a box of wax seals found at an estate sale. They crafted each talisman piece by hand, inspired by the symbolism in the designs and images. Each piece is celebrated for its imperfections and being absolutely one-of-a-kind. It is the hope that Pyrrha is a piece of inspiration and cherished for a lifetime.

Pyrrha is also a certified B Corp, meaning their sustainable practices and methods meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. You can learn more about B Corp Certification here.

Tell a little about yourself.

My husband Wade Papin and I (Danielle Wilmore) founded Pyrrha Design in 1995 in Vancouver BC. The company began in our home but has since expanded to a full-fledged design and production studio, and 2015 will be the 5 year anniversary of our flagship store in Los Angeles.

Why did you become a designer?

Ultimately, we both wanted to work for ourselves and be the master of our own destinies. Shortly after we met, Wade and I both quit our jobs and taught ourselves how to solder and silversmith. We began hand-crafting jewelry at our kitchen table and the company took off from there. Our road to success wasn’t easy, but we were struggling to build something important to both of us. We wanted to create something.

What influences your collection and style?

Our signature talisman collection was inspired by a box of 19th century wax seals that we found while digging through a box of old letters at an estate sale. After researching the imagery in the seals we were intrigued by the richness of the symbolism and our designs emerged from a desire to give the seals new life and permanence. While jewelers traditionally try to make everything look flawless we like to celebrate the imperfections of each piece and show the maker’s hand.

Pyrrha and our hometown of Vancouver BC are intrinsically linked. We source local supplies from the city we know and love. We’re firmly committed to not only local but also environmentally conscious production and materials. We work to be as green as possible in all stages of production, creating all our pieces using reclaimed metals and recycled and biodegradable packaging.

What does your collection mean to you?

Life is nothing without meaning.  We love that our pieces can do amazing things like give people hope, make them happy, or remind them of their loved ones.  Knowing that something we created is making a difference on a daily basis to so many people is incredibly rewarding.

How do you hope your collection affects others?

Pyrrha jewelry is made to inspire. We believe that individuals should live with intent, and that they should have the courage to wear their intentions with pride. Our seals collection borrows from the ancient art of heraldry and we impart a historical and personal significance on each talisman. Handmade with care, all of our pieces are designed to be kept for a lifetime, becoming a new heirloom.

What brought you to partner with Robert Goodman Jewelers?

Pyrrha partnered with Robert Goodman Jewelers after reading an incredible article in InStore magazine that featured Goodman’s philosophy behind his business – particularly his ties to his local community, his careful selection of designers, and the high quality pieces that he carries. It seemed like the perfect match.