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True, local experience

Robert Goodman Jewelers

Bob Goodman has a true sense of community. He and his wife, Rose-Marie, came to Zionsville in 2000 and opened their store, Robert Goodman Jewelers, with the intention of fostering an inviting environment and establishing a place to share creative, original jewelry collections. They have developed real relationships with their designers and believe in the pieces they are creating.

When you come into the store, you can expect honesty and sincerity as they work with you to answer questions and help meet your budget needs. Robert Goodman Jewelers is here to take care of your jewelry needs big and small.

Our business serves everyone and we’re proud to display an Open for Service sticker in our storefront. Bob and Rose-Marie were recently featured on Indiana Competes, an organization dedicated to growing Indiana’s economy by fighting against discrimination and ensuring equality for all. You can view the article here.

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It is a true, local mom and pop shop experience

Bob is a 3rd generation retail shop owner and has been in the jewelry business since he was 16 years old. He would travel to different markets with his father as well as sell at their local store in Lafayette square. The greatest lesson he learned from his dad was to never, ever make an assumption about anyone who walks into the store.

Bob says,  “Forget how the customer looks, forget the clothes they’re wearing, forget who they are with, who cares who they are — if they’re in our store we should serve them. Simple as that. Everyone has to be helped the exact same way. Everyone is equal.”

He has remained active in the Zionsville community, and has been recognized for his involvement with the Chamber of Commerce and his support of the fine arts.

We are something different

We don’t want to just sell you something. We want to have a conversation and help meet your jewelry needs, whatever they may be. So don’t hesitate, feel free to come in. We are happy to help.

Come in and discover for yourself what a difference an experienced jeweler can make.




A success story born at the 1901 World’s Fair

World's Fair

In 1890, Zanvil Goitman left Russia for a new life in the United States, where a president’s assassination 11 years later would change the course of his family’s life three generations down the road.

“My grandfather’s story was that of the classic Jewish immigrant, says Bob Goodman, owner of Robert Goodman Jewelers in Zionsville, Indiana. He came to Philadelphia from Moldavia in Russia, where the czars controlled the population by conscripting the males for 25 years.

He came to the United States as Zanvil Goitman. The judge changed his name to Jacob Goodman – they gave Jewish immigrant men the name Jacob. They probably had a name for Italian men and Irish men, too. It’s an interesting window into that time.

My grandfather ended up working in a tannery. He didn’t speak English; he didn’t understand the instructions and spilled some chemicals. He was injured, and spent six months in a ward, where he learned a little English.

At the World’s Fair in Buffalo (in 1901), he had a booth on the carnival run and picked up jewelry trinkets as prizes. President McKinley was shot at the fair and died, and the fair was closed because of the shooting. He was stuck with the jewelry, and it was on credit! He put it on his back and peddled it – and it sold. And that was the beginning.”