Last month Judi Powers visited us for a trunk show to showcase her beautiful new designs. While she was here, she was able to do an exclusive interview with the Kristi Lee Uninterrupted Podcast right here in the store! Visit the link below to check out the podcast posted on 05/28 and hear Judi discuss her fascinating career change from corporate marketing to sustainable jewelry designer.


It was 2010 when I got a call from my casting company in New Mexico. “I want you to start using this new metal!” When Dominic (my caster) says something to me like that, I listen. It turns out Dominic, a top metallurgist, was hired to run all the technical specs on a new platinum sterling alloy that Allura Precious Metals | ABI International had patented. If Dominic thought


Check out this amazing look at designers Shimell & Madden! Emma’s expertise in craft and conceptual design and Luke’s experience as a goldsmith enable them to create unique infusions of science and fashion in their jewelry collections. 12318

Bob and Rose Goodman

Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Raymond went to work in the family’s business of jewelry manufacturing and wholesale, Goodman & Company. Ray became a traveling salesman in a four-door Buick, advertised at the time in the depths of the Great Depression with a special retail price of $995 (sales tax was unheard of in those days). When Ray crashed his Buick in Gladewater, Texas and wanted to replace it with another