natural grace

with Conni Mainne jewelry.

Conni Mainne jewelry is inspired by the natural beauty of the California coast, which this designer weaves into each piece.

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Conni Mainne’s Background

Nature inspires Conni Mainne, especially in the verdant California North Coast that she calls home. As she works in her Mendocino studio, the striking shapes found in botanicals, surf, nautilus, clouds, stars, and moon infuse her work with a mystical quality of the natural world.

Experience intricate shapes and fine materials.

Her keen sense of grace and line, and her affinity with sacred geometry, are reflected in the lyrical forms she creates in 18k gold and a new sterling blend of silver and 5% platinum.

Socially responsible jewelry shouldn’t be out of reach.

We all want to protect our planet and its resources. Conni Mainne uses only natural, ethically sourced gemstones, pearls, and diamonds so you can be confident that your jewelry is environmentally conscious.

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