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Design the jewelry you’ve

always wanted.

If you need custom jewelry design, we offer a personalized experience you’ll never forget.


Bring your dream to life.

For anyone who’s dreamed of creating their very own necklace, bracelet, or even engagement ring—our custom design gives you the chance to do just that.

Work with us to create a custom design in collaboration with your favorite designer, or build a totally custom design that captures your unique idea.

We use hand fabrication and CAD techniques to create the design you want. And we’re always interested in how much you’re paying, so we’ll give you the best, most cost-efficient piece.

Learn about our custom designer.

We’re working with a wonderful custom jeweler who designs and restores beautiful pieces. Brian has been in the Indianapolis/Zionsville area since the 1970s, where he started as an apprentice with Goodman and Company. We’re happy to have him working with our family once again.

Brian's custom design is all by hand, primarily by fabrication. He has an eye for detail and a desire to preserve classic techniques while creating contemporary designs. Brian is amazing—one of the best in Indiana, if not the region.

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Create whatever you’d like.

Let us work with you to create a custom design you’ve always wanted. With attention to detail and an artistic spirit of our own, we’re happy to help. Just call us at 317.733.9170, or fill out our contact form.

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exactly what you want.