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Elizabeth Moore Jewelry creates pieces that empower women and keeps sustainability at the forefront.

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Elizabeth Moore’s Background

After a career in the performing arts, Elizabeth began to experiment with jewelry design and established her Manhattan-based company. Elizabeth Moore Jewelry is elegantly inspired by a refined blend of nostalgia, NYC vibrancy, and conscious authenticity. Forever drawn to the arts, Elizabeth seamlessly realized her brand as a call-and-response for wearable designs that could empower women, channel time-honored craftsmanship, and exist sustainably.

Possibilities and passions are limitless

Be inspired by Elizabeth’s collections, which have been made with meaning and intention while keeping sustainability at the forefront.

Refined Craftsmanship and a Touchstone for Casual Luxury

The energy from her adopted hometown of Manhattan combined with the casual luxury of her southern upbringing, Elizabeth has created elegant pieces that are ethically sourced and effortlessly woven into luxurious and rewarding results.


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