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gold pieces.

We support designers who create jewelry with Fairmined-certified gold, because we believe that ethically sourced pieces should be accessible to everyone.

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What is

Fairmined-certified gold?

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations that meet world-leading standards for responsible practices. The standard ensures social and economic development for miners, as well as environmental protection for the area where gold is ethically sourced.

A positive exchange happens between miners and the market thanks to the Fairmined standard. Benefits include:

Fair prices for miners
Access to mining support organizations and international markets
Increased value and risk mitigation for gold industries with responsible practices
Consumer confidence that gold is responsibly mined
Human connection to (and a positive impact on) mining communities
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Discover our

Fairmined Licensees.

Judi Powers Jewelry

Judi Powers is a former book publisher whose collections tell stories about times, places, and memories that she cherishes.


Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham finds inspiration in nature and texture, combining the two for beautifully unique (yet universal) jewelry.


Toby Pomeroy

Inspired by the simplicity of nature, Toby Pomeroy and his studio create pieces that are timeless, refined, pure, and beautiful.


Karin Jacobson

Karin Jacobson’s beautiful Scandinavian designs and origami-inspired pieces have an amazing timeless quality.


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