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About Flora Bhattachary

Flora Bhattachary can trace her passion for jewelry back to a moment in childhood. Gifted an ancient carved bird at an archaeological site in India, a passion for gemstones and the art of India took hold.

With two decades in jewelry and an MA from the prestigious Central Saint Martins, Flora understands the value of exceptional design and craft. Working alongside the finest craftspeople in the UK, Flora creates an unmistakable signature style. Carved stones are hand-worked to her unique specifications, by one of the last lapidaries in the UK.

Now a multiple award-winning designer, Flora is celebrated for her distinctive reimagining of floral patterns, color, and bohemian style.

A Collection that Will Turn Heads

Alive with symbolism and personal history, Flora’s work is a journey through art and culture. Each piece is a tale of inspiration and wonder, realized in a distinctive style.

Drawing on a life rich in experience and exploration, Flora Bhattachary creates exquisitely designed fine jewelry. Modern yet timeless, Flora’s ingenious creations capture attention, invite comment, and ignite conversation.

Whether creating a one-of-a-kind statement or a bespoke engagement ring, Flora channels a lifetime of experiences and fascinations into jewelry. Alive with storytelling, her work celebrates the vibrancy and beauty of life.

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