a watch

that's as tough as you are.

We carry G-Shock watches for anyone who loves adventure—and doesn't want to worry about breaking their timepiece along the way.

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G-Shock's Background

G-Shock watches came to be when designer Kikuo Ibe and his team saw a watch fall to the ground and break. It seemed only natural that a delicate timepiece couldn't withstand the fall...but Ibe was determined to create a watch that could.

A watch for those who don't quit.

G-Shock's designers say the original team's trial, error, and eventual success tells "the story of an unwavering belief that inspired a relentless quest and produced a tough spirit that promises never to fade away." We encourage everyone who wears this watch to do the same: to live boldly with a timepiece as tough as you are.

Adventure is for everyone.

These waterproof G-Shock watches that will keep up with you for years to come. We're proud to carry collections for both men and women.

Adventure on

with a G-Shock watch.

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