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Their use of cultural practices and recycled materials imbues their pieces with exceptional beauty and a rich history.

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About Jemima Hargreaves

Jemima Hargreaves is a highly skilled Master Goldsmith who honed her craft through a rigorous apprenticeship and earned her qualification as a Diamond Member of the Gemmological Association (DGA) in 2005. With an illustrious 20-year career in the fine jewelry industry, she brings unparalleled expertise to her work.

Throughout her journey, Jemima has had the privilege of overseeing traditional workshops that have been passed down through generations, managing fast-fashion production and boutique businesses, and serving as a consultant for Europe's most esteemed jewelry companies. She has also contributed her talents to prestigious projects for film and television, and adorned royalty, celebrities, and private collectors with her creations.

Exceptional Beauty and Ethical Integrity

These designs seamlessly blend the rich heritage of British goldsmith craftsmanship with sleek Scandinavian aesthetics. The sublime weight and texture of solid precious metals harmonize with the Hargreaves Stockholm distinctive touch—a delicate scattering of diamonds and responsibly sourced colored gemstones.

Hargreaves Stockholm is deeply committed to sustainability. They exclusively utilize recycled gold in all their creations. By employing recycled gold, they actively contribute to reducing the environmental impact of mining while maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. They are also proud partners of Fairmined®, ensuring that your jewelry embodies not only exceptional beauty but also ethical integrity.

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