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Jennifer Dawes Design handcrafts her work in a rural Sonoma County, California studio, but you can find her Lazer Wolf diamond collections here in our store.

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Jennifer Dawes Design’s Background

Jennifer Dawes launched her collection in 2000 and has since become one of the main proponents of sustainable jewelry.

Lazer Wolf Diamonds

Jennifer Dawes has used Lazer Wolf diamonds since 2013. Lewis “Lazer” Wolf is one of the most internationally celebrated diamond cutters and has cut some of the world’s most important diamonds, including the Hope of Africa diamond and featured work in the Smithsonian.

Lazer Wolf studies the rough diamond and cuts each one to maximize its unique characteristics, making the most of its natural beauty and giving it unparalleled fire and brilliance.

His diamonds have a heritage and a story that starts in the mine and continues to whoever wears his diamonds. Lazer Wolf’s philosophy is “perfectly imperfect,” which is an excellent parallel to Jennifer Dawes’ design style.


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