Judi Powers Jewelry

part of your story.

This Fairmined designer’s previous career in book publishing fueled her love of story, which you’ll see in our Judi Powers Jewelry collection.

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Judi Powers Jewelry’s Background

Judi’s gift for creating narratives deeply influences her approach to making jewelry today. Each of her pieces is like a diary entry about a special experience, place, person, or moment. And, when you wear Judi Powers Jewelry, you’ll bring your story to life.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Judi Powers, and I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania surrounded by farms, horses, and flowers. I moved to New York as a teenager, and Brooklyn has been my home for about 15 years. I took my first jewelry-making class soon after 9/11 and continued studying metalsmithing and jewelry-making for 10 years.

In 2012, my inner voice was screaming at me, “You need to become a jewelry designer now!” So, I quit my career in book publishing, enrolled as a full-time student at FIT, and earned my AAS degree in Jewelry Design. In fall 2013, I opened my doors and feel deeply fortunate to be living my dream.

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