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Looking for vintage-inspired jewelry that tells a story? Find one-of-a-kind designs with our Just Jules collection.

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Just Jules’ Background

In 1991, Julie Lynn Romanenko launched her own line of handcrafted, limited edition jewelry with Just Jules, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Her exposure to both the New York and Southwest markets has enabled her to further develop her style, and Julie was even one of five artisans who were invited to exhibit work at the 2002 International Festival of Art in Florence, Italy.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Julie Lynn Romanenko, and I am the owner, designer, and wearer of almost all hats here at Just Jules in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.

Why did you become a designer?

I was one of those kids who was always fiddling and making things. My grandmother loved jewelry and taught all the girls, her three daughters and five granddaughters, to love it as much as she did. So, putting those two things together, a jewelry designer was born!

I remember being quite young when I took some of my mom’s silverware and made bracelets…needless to say, she was not happy with me! She has forgiven me since, but it has taken lots of pieces of Just Jules to sweeten the deal!


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