Just Jules

Just Jules

Meet Just Jules

In 1991, Julie Lynn Romanenko launched her own line of handcrafted, limited edition jewelry with her company Just Jules, LLC. Her exposure to both the New York and Southwest markets has enabled her further develop her style, and Julie was even one of five artisans who were invited to exhibit work at the 2002 international festival of art in Florence, Italy.

These experiences and have influenced Julie to create one-of-a-kind designs. Julie is always searching for unique gemstones and works to create jewelry that enhances these gems while at the same time functions as wearable art. Julie’s attention to detail and technical expertise can be clearly seen in each of these pieces.


Tell a little about yourself

My name is Julie Lynn Romanenko, and I am the owner, designer, and wearer of almost all hats here at Just Jules located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona..

Why did you become a designer?

I was one of those kids who was always fiddling and making things. My grandmother loved jewelry and taught all the girls, her three daughters and five granddaughters, to love it as much as she did. So, putting those two things together, a jewelry designer was born! I remember being quite young and took some of my Mom’s silverware and made bracelets…needless to say, she was not happy with me! She has forgiven me but it has taken lots of pieces of Just Jules to sweeten the deal!

What influences your collection and style?

Clearly, I am most influenced by vintage jewelry, more specifically, Art deco and Edwardian jewelry. There is something just so elegant and refined about the jewelry created in those times, and I love marrying old and new. The other pieces I create are really influenced by the stones I am using. I collect stones and sit with them and let them dictate their stories.

What does your collection mean to you?

My collection means everything to me! They are the things I am most proud of. Nothing makes me happier than the days I am set to meet with my bench jeweler to get new work back from him. The anticipation of seeing ideas come to life, hopefully in the way I envisioned it, if not better! As an artist who designs every piece in the collection, I am so closely connected to my work, for better or for worse.

What do you hope customers feel/ take away from your jewelry collection?

I guess my hope is that customers can feel “me” and the passion that goes into every single piece. I recently launched the Commitments collection, and it is such a thrill and an honor to create a couple’s engagement ring and/or wedding bands. To be asked to create such a meaningful piece of jewelry is just beyond words. It is humbling, and it is a job I take very seriously.

What brought you to partner with Robert Goodman Jewelers?

I stalked Bob! Seriously, I had read an article about him in one of the trade magazines, and I was impressed. I was them even more impressed by the lines he carried and how much these designers love you both! I wanted in! And, I thank you for believing in me and in Just Jules.

Is there any other information you would like to share about yourself or your collection?

I think this about covers it…other than my other passion is baking. Just another form of creating! One my husband and my friends benefit from tremendously! And, jewelers who invite me for trunk shows…