Modern and Simple:

A Beautiful Combination

Kyla Katz is a sustainable designer and metalsmither who starts with a single sheet of metal and turns it into gorgeous pieces.

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Kyla Katz's Background

Kyla was born on the upper west side of Manhattan, but her family moved to rural New York when she was 10. There, she rode horses, spent time in the woods, and made sets and costumes for plays. Kyla also performed as a ballerina for a few years in Chicago, but then discovered metalsmithing and fell in love.

As an emerging designer, Kyla recently left Chicago for Taos, New Mexico. where she now finds peace and inspiration in a quiet, expansive environment.

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Why did you become a designer?

I've always been creative, from making sets and costumes for plays to performing as a ballerina in Chicago. But when I found metalsmithing, I truly fell in love. I discovered that I enjoy the tactile quality of metal — and how you can start with a simple sheet and end up with something beautiful.

What influences your collection and style?

Having lived in Chicago for a long time, I’m strongly influenced by mid-century modernist architecture. I love clean lines, clear shapes, and sculptural forms.

Since I now live in northern New Mexico, I find myself more and more influenced by the high desert. The sky here is enormous, and there is always a sense of peace in the wide expanse of the land. Hence, even within a modernist aesthetic, I strive for simplicity and lightness in my work.

What does your collection mean to you?

My collection stands for simplicity and beauty. Each piece I make is imbued with these values.

My design approach is largely improvisational. While I sketch a lot, each design usually takes form as I start to create it. I begin with sheet metal and wire and then play with these elements, cutting, bending, and connecting them until something stunning emerges. I hope that sense of freedom and play is also present in my work.

What do you hope your customers feel or take away from your collection?

I hope customers will gain a feeling of clarity and strength from my work. It’s intended for women who appreciate a modern edge but also want to maintain lightness and openness in their style.

Why did you partner with us?

Bob and Rose-Marie have been extremely supportive of me as an emerging designer. They were some of the first to start carrying my line. They are very kind, and I’m grateful for their willingness to take a risk on a new jewelry designer.

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