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We’re the only store in the Midwest, and one of the only jewelers in the United States, to carry the elegant MeisterSinger watches.

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MeisterSinger’s Background

MeisterSinger is a German watch designer focusing on a simple method for keeping time. Single-hand watches are at the heart of the MeisterSinger brand, because they embody a relaxed and self-assured attitude toward the perception of time.

A watch that lets you take your time.

The name MeisterSinger means “master singer” in German. This goes back to the Middle Ages, when musicians who came up with new sounds were awarded the title of “master singer.” A fermata symbol for a musical pause appears in the MeisterSinger logo to indicate their laid-back approach to time.

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We also carry more complex MeisterSinger watches that show the weekday, the date, or even a second time zone—all with the signature single hand.

*All MeisterSinger pieces in stock are 40% off msrp and all sales are final.


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