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Need to find bold, sophisticated jewelry for a loved one? Our Patrick Mohs collection is all about passion and natural inspiration.

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Patrick Mohs Jewelry’s Background

Patrick Mohs Jewelry is the artistic collaboration of husband and wife, Patrick Nelson and Mary Kay Mohs. Together, in their Wayzata, Minnesota studio, they create award-winning pieces that are inspired by nature but sophisticated in design.

About Patrick and Mary Kay

For both Patrick and Mary Kay, their love of fine jewelry was kindled at an early age. While working at his mother’s jewelry store as a child, Patrick was intrigued by the mechanical creation of gold and platinum and went on to learn all aspects of the industry.

Meanwhile, Mary Kay was always fascinated with her mother’s beautiful jewelry and her eye for design; she loved learning the lore and science of gemstones.

Patrick and Mary Kay studied at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. They met a few years later and were excited to learn they had so much in common, including their love of jewelry, gems, and design! Patrick Mohs Jewelry was born.

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