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in a single pearl or gemstone.

Pam (the founder of Petite Baleine) designs with high-carat metals and responsibly sourced gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. Her pieces are easy and natural to wear, reminding us of nature's beauty and the simple gift of a life well lived.

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About Petite Baileine

"I love the way that every pearl is different – the shape, the amazing range of iridescent color, the gorgeous imperfection of each one. But I found that a strand of pearls, although special in its own way, felt like too much of a good thing to me. It stayed home, loved but unused while I ran after 3 kids in motion through full and busy days. I wanted an accessible bit of this gem to wear easily and naturally — an everyday piece to treasure that would remind me of the beauty and boldness of nature and the simple gift of a life well lived. The pieces that I create at Petite Baleine are the result of that search.


"Petite Baleine started with one perfect, blue, extraordinary Tahitian pearl. Since launching five years ago, I’ve had the chance to incorporate so many incredible materials into my designs. As an independent jeweler, it has been amazing to learn new skills, work with my hands, and see where the twists in the road take me.

Today, my designs remain focused on fine, high-carat metals framing gorgeously organic Tahitian and South Sea pearls, Australian Opals, gemstones, and diamonds. My collection highlights beautiful, responsibly sourced gems that I've set within meticulously handcrafted (and reclaimed) gold.

I hope that you enjoy these one-of-a-kind pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed making them."

- Pamela Waill (Pam)

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