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Find feel-good and timelessly chic pieces with Ray Griffiths Fine Jewelry.

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Ray Griffiths’ Background

Ray Griffiths is an Australian-native, New York-hailing jewelry designer and goldsmith. Ray is fluent in the language of gold and precious metals and has even designed and restored crowns for royalty.

Experience the royal treatment.

With his signature Crownwork® design, each piece of jewelry is marked by a grid-like design rooted in Ray’s early training restoring Vintage European Suites of Jewelry. So you can experience feeling like royalty when you wear his jewelry.

Enjoy gorgeous, ethically sourced pieces.

All of the gold used is certified eco-responsible, recycled material. The process of refining precious metals has nearly zero waste. All of the gemstones are ethically mined and given a new life in the pieces Ray creates.


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