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Looking for a different jewelry experience? Our Shimell and Madden collection pairs classical geometry with majestic gold for a truly one-of-a-kind feel.

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Shimell & Madden’s Background

London duo Emma Madden and Luke Shimell have been creating jewelry since 2010. Emma’s expertise in craft and conceptual design and Luke’s experience as a goldsmith enable them to create unique infusions of science and fashion in their collections.

Tell us about yourself.

We first met working at an independent jeweler in a small coastal town called Torquay in Devon, England. It was there we discovered we had a shared passion for jewelry and appreciation of a similar aesthetic.

After Luke completed his technical training as a diamond mounter in Mayfair, London, and Emma completed her conceptual studies in Art, Design, and Metalwork, we combined our skills and knowledge and started creating collections together.

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