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environmentally and socially responsible


We strongly believe quality jewelry is made best when crafted with responsible and sustainable practices.

We proudly feature Sustainable Designers who take special care to minimize environmental impact and support responsible methods when sourcing materials.

Discover our

Sustainable Designers.

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Through their sustainable work, Laotian artisans are taking unexploded bombs and transforming them into beautiful, meaningful jewelry.


Fana’s name is feminine and luxurious, yet blissful. They strive to create classic pieces that immediately capture your attention.

Jill Kathleen Designs

Jill is inspired by crochet and lace patterns, as she loves the historical decoration of the Baroque and Victorian eras. She captures the sentiments of this inspiration, yet translates them in unique, contemporary, and understated creations.


Judi Powers Jewelry

Judi Powers is a former book publisher whose collections tell stories about times, places, and memories that she cherishes.


Karin Jacobson Design

Enjoy beautiful Scandinavian design, origami-inspired pieces, and timeless quality from Karin Jacobson Design.


Kyla Katz

Kyla Katz is a sustainable designer and metalsmither who starts with a single sheet of metal and turns it into gorgeous pieces.



Mazahri is a sustainable and woman-owned company, creating modern jewelry — with Fairmined gold and gemstones — inspired by ancient Afghanistan.


Petite Baleine

Petite Baleine pieces are easy and natural to wear, reminding us of nature's beauty and the simple gift of a life well lived.



Stephanie Occhipinti Design

Stephanie Occhipinti features graceful, nature-inspired pieces in all her jewelry, especially the Swallows collection.


Toby Pomeroy

Inspired by the simplicity of nature, Toby Pomeroy and his studio create pieces that are timeless, refined, pure, and beautiful.



Russell Jones Jewelry

The design style of Russell Jones Jewelry is fresh and modern, but not sterile.


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Learn how we’re working toward a more

sustainable life.

Within the last three years, we’ve come to take sustainability even more seriously in our showroom. Here are a few ways we’re doing just that:

Using 100% recycled paper for our sales receipts, repair receipts, and stationery
Installing LED ceiling lights in our showroom
Installing outdoor LED lights
Replacing our office lights with LEDs
Updating our furnace and A/C to higher-efficiency units
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to see our sustainable jewelry in person?