(and socially responsible) pieces.

Our Toby Pomeroy jewelry uses ethically sourced gold, silver, platinum, and gems and will make you feel confident in its beauty and sustainability.

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Toby Pomeroy’s Background

Toby grew up in India and was inspired by the patient craftspeople he encountered there, as well as the beauty of his surroundings. This led to Toby’s commitment to carefully creating nature-influenced pieces that delight his clients.

Experience meticulous attention to detail.

We know you expect passion to go into your jewelry’s design. The Toby Pomeroy studio is a handful of young artists who are fascinated with texture and form, and they live to work with their hands and painstakingly create pieces.

As a sustainable designer, Toby Pomeroy:

  • Uses Fairmined precious metals
  • Uses reclaimed gold, ECO Gold, and TRUE Gold
  • Uses traceable gemstones
  • Uses Canadian diamonds in True Gold Engagement rings
  • Advocates for environmental and social responsibility within the jewelry industry
  • Founded the Mercury-Free Mining Challenge

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