stunning textures and gemstones

with Zaffiro.

Whether you have an eye for detail or appreciate history, our Zaffiro jewelry collection will delight you with its one-of-a-kind shapes and unique creation.

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Zaffiro’s Background

You can find the creative couple behind Zaffiro, Jack and Elizabeth Gualtieri, at their studio in Portland, Oregon. Zaffiro is entirely unique because the Gualtieris use granulation, an ancient jewelry-making technique which first appeared over 4,000 years ago in Italy and Greece.

Learn about the granulation process.

Granulation is a detailed, decorative style that consists of applying miniature spheres of gold or platinum to a similar surface by heating the entire piece to a temperature high enough to form a permanent bond between the surface and the spheres.

Beautiful designs come from time and effort.

Granulation is a tricky process because the temperature for the pieces to adhere must be just right, but Zaffiro has mastered this process with stunning textures and shapes that clients love.


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