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About Katherine Alexandra Brunacci

Katherine Alexandra Brunacci is a jewelry designer, goldsmith, gemmologist, and valuer. She launched her first collection for Gallery Fifty Four in 2010 shortly after completing her Master of Fine Arts degree majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. 

Katherine has won two international design awards from Milan and is now based at the Goldsmiths’ Centre London. Her jewelry suits those looking for something classic in style with a contemporary flair.

Artifacts of the Future

Katherine is most often inspired by ancient jewelry. She is fascinated by how pieces can remain breathtaking even after thousands of years have passed. When creating all her jewelry pieces, Katherine envisions them as future artifacts. It holds great significance to her that each creation is truly unique, a personal treasure that resonates with its eventual wearer upon discovery, and one that will be cherished and passed down through successive generations.

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